5 Incredible Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges to Replace Your Missing Tooth

Have you recently lost a tooth? Would you like to find an effective dental procedure to restore your smile? Well, dental bridges are the best option for you! This is a revolutionary dental fixture that acts to replace one or more missing teeth by joining an artificial tooth to the adjacent teeth or implants. If you have been thinking about getting bridges but you are not sure about the benefits, do not worry because this is the right article for you. Here are some amazing advantages of getting bridges:

1. Improved confidence

When you have missing teeth, your self-esteem often suffers the most. This is especially true if the gap is clearly visible when you laugh or smile. If you have lost an incisor or canine, you might be feeling extremely conscious of your appearance and this might cause you to avoid talking, smiling or laughing in public. Truly, this is no way to live. To solve this problem once and for all, simply get the finest bridges installed and you will have a perfect smile within no time!

2. Easier eating

Missing teeth could hamper your ability to chew and bite. This is due to the fact that your mouth has an upper jaw and a lower jaw. The teeth on both jaws are meant to interlock perfectly. When one tooth is missing, this interrupts the symmetry and you might constantly suffer with food particles getting stuck in the gap left from your missing tooth.

3. Better pronunciation

Did you know that your teeth play a huge role in pronunciation? Several missing teeth could cause you to have a lisp or develop a strange accent when pronouncing certain sounds. Unfortunately, not everyone will understand the situation, hence you might turn into the laughing stock among your friends and peers. This is a terrible situation that no one should face. Installing bridges will help to rectify your speech impediment.

4. Prevent bone loss

Have you always wondered why old people’s faces appear as though their cheeks have been sucked in? This could be brought about as a result of bone loss due to missing teeth. When you lose your tooth and then fail to replace it, the jaw bone loses density and over time. Your facial muscles and skin could be pulled inwards to occupy the space left. This bone loss could leave you looking much older than your actual age.

5. Maintains proper tooth alignment

When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth have a tendency to shift slightly to fill the remaining gap. This causes a domino effect whereby, all your teeth will eventually become slightly misaligned leading to an asymmetrical bite and unsightly appearance.

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